The title of this book is “The Naked Traveler”, written by Trinity. Her original name is Perucha Hutagaol. She is a traveler and writer that send by God to spread the virus named travel-around-the-world. The Naked Traveler talk about Trinity diary. Before becoming a traveler, Trinity only work in –that she called- a “corporate slave”, get up early and work with all daily activities. But now he has been living in her dream job!!

Her book talked about everything you need as a traveler, especially if you a backpacker. Her book also give us little description about the culture, people, technology. Trinity has explored most of province in Indonesia and 44 countries: India, China, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Mongolia, Thailand and many more. This book teaches us to be a backpacker and gave lots of tips on how to survive in other country with deficit money. She has traveled the world more than two decades. Trinity has release her the second and third sequel of this book. Her book has inspired people in Indonesia to explore the world, Now, The Naked Traveler book trilogy has been a best seller for over two years.

She was named as The Indonesia Leading Travel Writer.

Trinity said that there are some way if you wanna be a traveler;

1. You have a beautiful face and sexy body and win the miss pageant, just hoping you win the pageant and chose to represent your country in Miss Universe or Miss World.

2. You have a great voice.

3. You are member of the famous band (include the sound technician, make-up and wardrobe)

4. You are a President.

5. You are a genius person and take part in World Science Olympic.

6. You get the scholarship.

7. You win a quiz or jackpot.

8. You work as a news reporter.

9. Work hard in your company and promoted as manager, manager always be the first to go abroad.

10. You marry a rich man

11. You marry expatriat.

and… what will you choose?

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