Top five picks by Jason Andries


1. Water purification at Sebatu. Cleansed and purified in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by the gods and nature spirits.

2. Best carrot cake on the island is at Ruth’s American Desserts. Cream cheese icing that tastes like marshmallows.

3. Walking in Batur valley. Just park you  bike somewhere and start walking. Bring sunscreen and hiking boots. Magnificent volcanic terrain equals happy adventures.

4. Japanese warung KZU, Seminyak. Quick, easy, great expat vibe and the lasagne bechamel sauce is heavenly.

5. Snorkeling of Nusa Penida. Crstal clear water, intimidating island cliffs. untouched seabed and a kaleidescopic explosion of marine life.

Justin Andries is a spiritual and life coach, inspirational speaker and adventure seeker. Always armed with a smile and a few words of conscious expansion.

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