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Inspired Bali is for those drawn to magical island of Bali, who are seeking more than predictable vacations or mundane lives. As seekers and travelers, we gather together within the pages of this new publication to share our  collective wisdom. Here you will read about healing, holistic living, yoga, meditation, living foods and a host of other related topics.

We publish four times a year and focus on community-based content that authentically represents your accomplishment, joy, insights, struggles, bliss and transformations while on tho glorious island.

We look forward to sharing our stories with you!

Janet Nicol


cover-final-copy-2 Cover design by Human Ruben Welcome to the Food edition As usual we explore our theme from a number of perspectives, keeping our emphasis on Bali and how we understand and relate to food.

These pages are full of interesting stories and photographs that we hope will… screenshot-2014-09-06-19-13-18

Cover photograph by Suki Zoe We are thrilled to share our Inaugural Issue with you.    

Inspired Bali is a new magazine for those drawn to the magical island of Bali, who are seeking more than predictable vacations or mundane lives.

As seekers and travelers,… screenshot-2014-09-06-19-18-47-655x675-1-2 The theme of this issue is Gratitude. Here we are in Bali, one of the most magical places in the world.

You may be reading this on a comfy couch waiting for a spa treatment, rehydrating after a yoga class, or lounging in a hotel, villa, or cafe. You may be a… img71-567x675-1-2 Cover photograph by Carol Da Riva We are delighted to share with you our new layout and design — all a result of your feedback.

Please keep the comments coming so that we can continue to evolve and better serve our community. In this issue, we explore the complexities… img50

Each of us has been touched, at one point in our lives, by leadership. Perhaps we were mesmerized by someone’s vision and charisma, or conversely, damaged by the guidance of someone who led us astray.

In this edition we explore the complexities, challenges and… img20-568x675-1

These are exciting times. Our inspired Bali community is growing, thanks to the tremendous support we have received from our readers.

With growth comes change, and we too are changing. But for now, let’s bring on the love! We are delighted to share with you our usual…

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