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Cyberspace | Inspired Bali


By Julie Silvester

Yes, its cool to hang out in cyberspace

From your chair make friends across the human race

Buy all you need without leaving your home base

The world’s small through the lens of this virtual place

You don’t need ‘reality’ any more

Don’t need to step outside the door

No reason to wander around the shop floor

Can just be lazy to your very core

How long before you realise something real is missing

Before facebook friends are the only ones you’re kissing

Til information overload becomes more boring than fishing

Until earth-filled fingernails are what you are wishing

Julie’s poetry, inspired by her life in Bali, has been published in two books,‘A Taste of Bali’ with co-writer, Steve Castley, and ‘Life’s Journeys’ by the Ubud Writers’ Group.

A new book, ‘Celebrating Bali’ is due out in 2014 and will feature her writing and poems, some of which have morphed into lyrics for Yaniq, a Balinese singer/songwriter, and Fredi Marley, a local reggae artist.