An Extraordinary Idea to Decorate Your House

When we move to a new house, of course we are very excited to decorate the house. Don’t think about displaying the Auratic Painting Blockchain on the walls of your house? And this is not only about decorate. It’s more then that.

Auratic Painting is an auratic painting created by combining technology, art and psychology into a beautiful work in digital form. Uniquely, the production is not supported by software at all, but with the Digital Ink Block Art technique. Even so, the results provided are very unique.

Why we should display this kind of painting in our house?

Because, there is not a single individual in this world who is free from the problems of life. In fact, often these problems are unresolved and piled up because they originate from the character of the self/group that is difficult to change. Therefore, displaying Auratic Painting can be the solution.

Where to buy Auratic Painting?

You can visit the Grahita Indonesia website. There you can buy Auratic Painting which can change the behavior of you or your organization instantly and significantly in the direction you want through painting and color media.

Eko Budhi Purwanto is the pioneer and driver of this auratic painting. Auratic painting is done with digital ink block technique (digital ink block art) without gradation, and without special software. The man who was born in Magelang on January 9, 1961 has pioneered this new genre of painting.

Some Auratic Painting that can steal your heart!

The Violin

Contoh Lukisan Auratic Painting Violin

This violin painting presents a very homy and warm aura. Can cause a sense of comfort and want to settle down. Very suitable for display in the bedroom

The White Tiger

Auratic Painting Sample Tiger

This auratic painting gives off a very powerful tiger aura. But with white color can also present the side of softness and beauty.

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