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Welcome to our first issue of Inspired Bali

We are thrilled to share our inaugural issue with you.

Inspired Bali is a new magazine for those drawn to magical island of Bali, who are seeking more than predictable vacations or mundane lives.

As seekers and travelers, we gather together within the pages of this new publication to share our  collective wisdom.

Here you will read about healing, holistic living, yoga, meditation, living foods and a host of other related topics.

We publish four times a year and focus on community-based content that authentically represents your accomplishment, joy, insights, struggles, bliss and transformations while on tho glorious island.

In our first issue, we are delighted to introduce the Living Food lab, who will be guiding us with recipes and tips on preparing raw food.

In our opening issue they introduce South East Asia’s super spice, offering three ways to include raw turmeric into our diets.

We also have an in-house foodie-Norma Jean-who, in this issue will introduce you     Goutama road in Ubud.

Next issue, who knows where she will go, but in the meantime head over to this groovy lane and size up her reviews.

Imagine, if you will, how delightful it would be should they ever divide to close this street of to traffic on weekends.

In our cover story, we dive into the hearts of two flying yogis to find out why they practice this unique style of yoga.

Suzi Zoe’s sharp photographic eye captures the magnetism of this inspiring duo, complemented with an interview with both yogis.

Our profile with ‘Inspiring People’ is about Natalie Perry, a tireless crusader for children’s rights here in Bali.

We glimpse into her own childhood to reveal where the seed of giving was planted within her.

Several talented writers share their journeys into dreams, healing, meditation and reflection.

Expect more of these types of stories in future issue, as we explore more deeply the healing arts.

In future issue, we will be adding new sections as we find our path, our feet and our way on this adventure.

We would to thank all of your contributors, writers and sponsors for their patience.

Publishing a magazine takes more work than we thought. A special thanks to Scotty Ze for his early enthusiasm in the project and Peter Wall for his unwavering support.

Thanks also to Lynn and Rachel for their editing and attention to Detail.

We look forward to serving you in the coming years and welcome your feedback, ideas, story ideas, and art. Be in touch!

With Gratitude & Grace

The Inspired Team

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